Thoughts on Love

Love is the most illogical, not-amking-any sense thing I have encounter in life… but wait, I have a contradictory argument. Why do you love your parents, siblings? Why do you love your pets? They care for you and you care for them…. That type of love sounds logical, the same thing with a sport, politics, you love and play the sport, talk about it, and in general “love it”… when you find things you don’t like, you stop… but you cannot stop loving your family, you just can’t. They are family regardless, and you love them without conditions.

Now, why do women and men have a difficult time loving others? Is there more of an irrational desire to find to fall in love with!? Is it instinct? Why do people fall in love with the “wrong” person? What “wrong” really means?…

Why is love so important then? Your PC, your car, your things won’t love you back, they are just things. It’s weird also, that we try to avoid hurting the people we love, but by avoiding them we hurt them also, so if we confront them, we hurt them and if we don’t, same thing.

Anyways, I still cannot understand why is it sooo hard for some people to care for others, to go out of their ways and show simple details of affection. You don’t need to travel around the world to show you care, simple things, a phone call, a small note, cooking a small meal, visiting when you less expect it…… putting a friend in your list of priorities, making time for them, and making them feel special… Why is it so hard do make someone feel special? I guess because human beings are just selfish and it’s hard to share your time and life with others.

I think we are 10x more responsible for the person we love or if they love us, it’s our duty to be caring….. because I can tell you that it’s very difficult to find that special one.

My advice is that if you find that special person, and she loves you back (in case of girl, a guy)… make everything in your power to keep the relationship alive, but if she does not show you any caring and you still love her (due to irrational factor of love), I advice you to tear down your heart and let her go, unfortunately you cannot love a person that doesn’t love you back.

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