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Finally on “vacation”….. well, I have to attend a conf call, and go to work next Friday and sign some patent paperwork for Moto, other than that, I will be mostly working on my house projects and some other interesting things I have had in mind.

I am currently listening to Smooth Jazz. As you may already know I am praticularly interested in the Telecommunication markets and IP Telephony in general. I just read a book on that subject, it’s called “IP Telephony,” Olivier Hersent, et al… very interesting book, specially on network dimensioning, the book is kind of old (c) 2000 but the same concepts anticipated 5 yrs ago, are now applicable.

Regarding inventions, this year I had three patents submitted to USPTO, one in a “Thumb-based Data Entry for Mobile Phones with Cameras,” a “Secured USB Flash drive,” and a “Contactless mechanism to charge a mobile phone and transfer data at near distances.” I cannot give you the details of these disclosures…. after they get published in the USPTO website, I will.

Also, Last night I cooked this Salmon with oranges juice and carrots, it was great.

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