The Beauty and the Geek

The Beauty and the Geek … Is this the show where “Smart meets dumb, social meets anti-social ” (I stole this phrase from Victor Yuen) :-). It’s amazing how in today’s society, intelligence and good feelings, have a lower value to money and looks.

Hehehe, as you can read from my profile, I sound like a geek. In fact, one of my favorite movies is REAL GENIUS but I consider myself a renovated geek…why? because, at least I try to blend in…. 5 yrs ago, I made a huge effort to learn how to dance, I knew nothing about that subject before, but I finally made improvements!!! It helped some epxanding social life, unfortunately as soon as I open my mouth the geek comes out of me and then I have high chances to be OUT…. HEHEHEH

I laugh when I listen girls chatting about guys and saying: “ Ohh I want a good looking, nice, good-hearted, Christian, honest, and intelligent man,” hahaha that’s what they say, but not what they do. I would say that 4 out of 5 girls will dump a guy matching that description. Why? I am not a woman, don’t ask me…. I have no idea.

What I do know, and I’ve been thru, is that you WILL greately reduce your chances for a 2nd date or even cutting short “the date” you are currently in, If you DO NOT filter out geek talk… My advice, boring but effective, is to read some magazines.. the ones you never read, no no, not “The Economist” or “Smart Money,” but by simple observation, go to Borders or B&N and look what 93% in the bell curve reads.. Pick them up and make an effort to memorize as much as you possible can.

If you did find, Jordan Cochran (Real Genius geek babe), somewhere in your life….. assuming she likes you to, see if you can talk to her, maybe she talks to you back, and voila!!!! if not, well….. go back to the drawing board. Maybe, she’s looking for an alternative lifestyle far away form geeks too.

I’ll keep an eye on that show but might not be a fan of it… who knows, maybe thru TV, people can realize that geeks have hearts too.

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