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CIO MIS Luncheon

I was invited to CIS - MIS Luncheon orgainzed by FIU (Florida International University). We were speaking about new trends on mobile and in general software development.  The panel was composed by Julio Bailon, from SOFTBOLT, and Alex Stancioff from Sugarshack.   Thanks to Dr. Darcy for putting this together.

Presentacion para Honduras Global

Unfortunately, I could not attend the events in San Pedro Sula, Honduras organized by Honduras Global, however I prepared for a videoconference (via U-Stream/Skype/Prezi) but they were unable to set it up. Here the presentation, I will record de video sometime later. Prezi Presentation: http://prezi.com/_qsvs7jpnkqz/innovacion-y-propiedad-intelectual/ Video Live: http://ustre.am/KRvw  

Personalized Media

EGLA COMMUNICATIONS is also working on a new project called Tubelici.us, currently under construction but we are in the verge of creating a personalized TV experience for Mobile, IPTV, and the internet. Our model is to use the internet and our technology to deliver media experiences tailored, a-la Carte, to…

Rapid Mobile Next Steps

Rapid Mobile Technologies, Inc has been under a few changes, these process is closed to be completed real soon. Rapid Mobile is expected to continue with its mission and plan, we are developing new partnerships and plans that will make our process more effective and agile.  Stay tuned for those…

EGLA First Export Pictures

These are EGLA COMMUNICATIONS pictures of our first export back in February 2012 to Mexico City.  The device is "EGLA MEDIA PLUG" a network appliance capable of delivering media content (Audio/Video) to IPTV Systems or cable operators. EGLA MEDIA PLUG is available for sale and can be found in our…

Intrevista DIARIO LA PRENSA – Honduras

Me entrevistaron en LA PRENSA previo a una presentación que dare via HONDURAS GLOBAL. Aca la entrevista (src: http://www.laprensa.hn/Secciones-Principales/Economia/Economia/Falta-una-solida-formacion) -¿Cómo ve actualmente el desarrollo tecnológico de Honduras? Honduras es un consumidor de tecnología, a nivel de consumo podemos tener el último tablet, o el último programa de computadoras, pero somos dependientes…

Updated blog

[quote]"But someone may say: So you have faith and I have good deeds? Show me this faith of yours without deeds, then! It is by my deeds that I will show you my faith ...."[/quote] [quote]"I am glad for those who said "No" because of them I did it myself…

Short BIO – 2012

I will be at an FIU Meeting next June and was requested a short BIO, here you go: Dr. Edwin Hernandez was born in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, BSEE’95, MSECE’99, and PhD’02. Edwin has worked in several telecommunication companies in Central America including RACSA and COMTELCA. Dr. Hernandez became one of the…
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