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Gluster FS Upgrade

Gluster FS has had several upgrades and updates, recently v. 3.3 is out. I recommend if you have Ubuntu LUCID 10.04 to: add-apt-repository ppa:semiosis/upstarted-glusterfs-3.3 sudo apt-get update sudp apt-get install glusterd Now /etc/gluster/glusterd.vol is the default file to use. If you have Precise or other Ubuntu, you may  do: add-apt-repository ppa:semiosis/ubuntu-glusterfs-3.3…


  This weekend was, another weekend as usual, full of work, but also I think somewhat fun as well. I helped organizing with "Startup Weekend" Boca Raton, and as a part of the excitement I decided to create a new thing and teamed up with Lucie Allaire and Henry Incer,…

Miami Herald

A few days back, I was featured in one of the business articles in the "Miami Herald." The article was covering all new startups in South Florida, from Technology Incubators, to office spaces. A great plethora of data in over 4 articles. Andrea Simon and myself were pictured as part…

HULA Drive

I've been working on technical and business details of the HULA Drive Launch this coming October. There are a lot of details to take care of, on top of the work dedicated to Mediamplify and its customers. The team composed of Henry Incer, Lucie Allaire will be featured in a…

CIO MIS Luncheon

I was invited to CIS - MIS Luncheon orgainzed by FIU (Florida International University). We were speaking about new trends on mobile and in general software development.  The panel was composed by Julio Bailon, from SOFTBOLT, and Alex Stancioff from Sugarshack.   Thanks to Dr. Darcy for putting this together.