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Honduras Global en Porque Nos Importa

  Honduras Global Semana Academica/Honduras Global Academic Week Actividades en TV en el programa / TV Coverage in "Porque Nos Importa" Reportaje de Honduras Global de las actividades del 2016/Enero en Porque Nos Importa / TV Coverage of all Honduras Global Activities in 2016/Jan in "Porque Nos Importa." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wS9b1YOINKQ&feature=youtu.be  

A Good heart

What is a good heart? Most people are inherently good A great question, how do you define a good heart? People around the world are dedicating everyday to many activities, some work privately, some own a business, others work for government or an NGO.  We all have something to do, we…

Honduras Global Visit

E-LEARNING : CAMBIO VIA TECNOLOGIA I will be presenting E-Leraning tools currently available for the new generations. We have a great challenge in Honduras: 68% of the population are under 30 years old, 800K to 1M honduras have no jobs no education, A large proportion of that population needs education…

Mediamplify Platform

Mediamplify Platform My platform is a cloud-based multimedia one stop shop for content providers that brings together the cloud and cable TV systems.  The cloud is scalable and robust. Also cable and telecomunications  operators can create their own content offerings and: Develop Brand Awareness Monetize 3G/4G LTE Infrastructure Amplify reach to…

Executives, Scientists, Technologists and Hackers – Interview of Edwin Hernandez

I was interviewed in a show called "Economia y Cultura" (Economy and Culture) broadcasted live every Tuesday from 7pm to 8pm hosted by Lic. Segisfredo Infante a well-knowm epistemologist and intellectual in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. This interview took place Jan 22nd, 2015. The interview was in Spanish: [youtube width="600" height="365" video_id="vMtOAnA5W9A"]

CABEI Presentation – Honduras

Yesterday at 9am I had a presentation made at the Central American Bank of Economic Integration (BCIE) auditorium in a Honduras Global event the presentation is found here: [slideshare id=43780588&doc=emailversionedwinhernandezhgjan162015futurodelastelecomunicationes-draft01-150122072238-conversion-gate01] Late on, we were invited to the inauguration of the "Center of Innovation and Creativity," at the old Honduran presidential palace…

The selfish world

Selfish World We now live in a world where kindness and love are interpreted as a) weakness and b) lust.  Love is confused with sex and a life of happiness with whomever you want to be with. Biblically this position is inconsistent with Christianity, obviously the proclamation of Jesus Christ…