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Today I made a search in the USPTO and found a list of US patents I've been somewhat involved in:============================================PUB. APP. NO. Title============================================1 20050120119 Smart scan for bluetooth pan devices2 20050118951 Bluetooth pan driver3 20050091357 Network and interface selection on a computing device capable of establishing connections via multiple network…

The Beauty and the Geek

The Beauty and the Geek ... Is this the show where "Smart meets dumb, social meets anti-social " (I stole this phrase from Victor Yuen) :-). It's amazing how in today's society, intelligence and good feelings, have a lower value to money and looks.Hehehe, as you can read from my…

Mistakes and Learning

There is no winning without loosing, there is no success without failure? A life of contradictions, isn't it? Even though, mistakes are part of life. We cannot generalize, and "make mistakes" the center of our lives. One cannot have a life full of mistakes. In this universe of people, some…
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