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Research and Development:  Edwin Hernandez, PhD



Media Streaming and Cable TV Systems

Our current R&D focuses on bringing cloud-platforms to CABLE TV and viceversa, including IPTV and
OTT Delivery methods from cloud-based storage and streaming systems. As such I have developed the Mediamplify Platfom that includes:


  • Mediaplug technology to deliver content from cloud to cable systems
  • Mobile apps
  • HTML5 Players
  • API backend
  • Cloud storage
  • Auto-generated sites
  • Backend for billing, sales
  • Encoding/Transcoding

Videos of Work Product in Streaming / Media

Sample videos created by our platform.

White papers

Nuestra Technolgia Mediamplify – White Paper Small

Edwin Hernandez – Technology Overview – Draft – Small

mediaplug tv outputmediaplug-shipmediaplug video capture mediaplug screen capture mediaplug capture 01












Cloud Platforms

As a great beginning in 1999, I joined the High-Performance Computing and Simulation Research Lab, creating new and advanced HPC platforms, now the same principles apply to cloud-computing.  The advancements in cloud allowed me to create a full-fletched lab allocated at EQUINIX.

CableSatelliteMobileMediamplify IMG_2243

Mobile and RF Wireless R&D

MOBILECAD RF 01    MobileCAD 04

  • MobileCAD has been updated and modified to work with 4G/LTE as a prototype.

LTE Base Station RSSI Signal






  • Research and Development, Rapid Mobile Technologies Inc (Boca Raton, FL) July 2010-2014. N
Experience: Development of patent analysis and developing MobileCAD prototype using USRPs and software-defined radio technology including assembly and clock reference implementation using USRP and creating the simulation environment for fading and attenuation management to mimic RF/Network situations for a GSM device.  Designed and developed 3G/4G version of emulator and create specifications for the device called MobileCAD.
MobileCAD Parts - Prototype GSM
MobileCAD Parts – Prototype GSM
  • Research Assistant, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL, January‟00-August‟02

Experience: I investigated the effects of handoff and network mobility at different
vehicular speeds. I used Mobile network simulation and emulation were important tools
to study Mobile-IP and Layer-2/3 mobility protocols. I developed RAMON, Rapid
Mobile Network Emulator, a device that emulates network layer mobility and
programmatically replicates mobility conditions varying from signal strength, packet
delay, BER, and speeds. RAMON uses real 802.11b Access Points, omni-directional
antennas, embedded computers (e.g. PC-104) and custom-build control circuitry.
RAMON also used a .NET interface to automatically create network topologies to be
emulated. In depth routing protocols explored, IP tunnels, and low-level network device
driver adjustments. I conducted extensive simulation work on ns-2


Network Management and Adaptive Sampling (AI with Fuzzy Logic)

  • Research Assistant, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL September„97-December„99

Experience: I joined thee High-performance Computing and Simulation Research Lab.
During my thesis work, I applied Fuzzy Logic in Network Management, focusing on how
adaptive sampling could reduce captured statistics without loosing important network
behavior. Additionally, I researched ATM networks, SNMP (Simple Network
Management Protocol), Virtual Interface Architecture (VIA) over Myrinet, CORBA, and
High-performance Cluster Computing topics.

Wireless Power Management

  • Program Manager Intern, Microsoft Corporation, Redmond, WA May’01-September’01

Experience: As an intern, I investigated self-similarity and power management
algorithms for Wireless Networks. I modeled the method how service time per packet could be estimated and used for QoS in ad-hoc and infrastructure networks.

Network Management

  • Network Engineer: Radiografica Costarricense, R&D, Costa Rica. January‟95-July‟95

Experience: I developed a microcontroller-based (x8051 and RUPI-51 micro-controllers)
system to measure X.25 and PBX data traffic, Windows-based GUI, and X.25 frame

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