Mediamplify Platform

Mediamplify Platform

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Mediamplify Platform

My platform is a cloud-based multimedia one stop shop for content providers that brings together the cloud and cable TV systems.  The cloud is scalable and robust. Also cable and telecomunications  operators can create their own content offerings and:

  • Develop Brand Awareness
  • Monetize 3G/4G LTE Infrastructure
  • Amplify reach to any device
  • Capture the 3rd screen opportunity

Features Set for Mediamplify:

  • Mediamplify Music (Pandora-like) Service. Interactive/Non-Interactive
  • Mediamplify Video (Netflix-like) Service. Interactive/Linear
  • Advertisement: Inject audio/video ads into media streams
  • US and LATAM Markets, quick access to worldwide rights
  • Millions of music songs and genres
  • Broadcast mobile phones to traditional cable set top boxes
  • IPTV Platform with Billing and Authentication


Mediamplify Music

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