OpenCart Install

OpenCart Install

Error when installing opencart 1.5.1 and using a lowercase/uppercase Database name.

 in /var/www/dmx2go/upload/admin/model/tool/backup.php on line 21

This means that the call to $query =$this->db->query(“SHOW TABLES FROM `” . DB_DATABASE . “`”); 
is returning the DB_DABATASE with uppercase/lowercase. You have two options:

  • Rename the database to all lowercase 
  • or change line 21 on backup.php for
foreach ($query->rows as $result) {
          if (substr($result[‘Tables_in_’ . DB_DATABASE], 0, strlen(DB_PREFIX)) == DB_PREFIX) {
                                $table_data[] = $result[‘Tables_in_’ . DB_DATABASE];
Remove the strtolower(,….);

And you will be fine.


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