New Year, New Challenges

This is a year quite interesting in many ways, as a recollection of 2010. I can summarize a few items:

  • I was able to go to Honduras and start a project that will bring income and create jobs in that country.
  • I am now in full time with Rapid Mobile Technologies, Inc
  • I was interviewed by Renato Alvarez, prime time, in Honduras and was the keynote speaker at the “First Tuesday” event in Honduras and El Salvador. Thanks to Honduras Global! 
  • I continued with my involvement in multiple organizations like IEEE conferences, Journal reviews, Mobile Monday
  • Entrepreneur activities lead to the creation of Halberd Media, LLC with Marcel del Prado, and interacted with many other entrepreneurs like Phil Viscomi, Jeb Bush Jr, and many others.
  • I was invited to the “WebConf Latino 2010” in Honduras too
  • I also Went to Mexico, I haven’t visited that country in over 15 yrs I was glad to see it again
  • I was able to file for a continuation patent for 7,697,508
  • In January 2010, we signed a licensing agreement with the University of Florida
  • I met a lady from Honduras, but unfortunately, it did not fructify and got a heart broken
  • I went to Honduras and met friends that have not see in 20 yrs.
In 2011, 
  • Personally, I am more dedicated to balance health and work
  • Rapid Mobile Technologies is a priority for me, litigation and patent enforcement efforts will continue with 7231330 and 7697508
    • Honduras project will be high-priority to complete before Q2, 2011
  • Honduras Global projects will be also a priority
  • I will continue developing mobile software thru EGLA COMMUNICATIONS for Android, iPhone and Blackberry

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