Cornea Abrassion

What’s a Cornea Abrassion:

A scraping away or denuding of the corneal surface resulting from external forces physically applied to the corneal surface.
Pathophysiology: The cornea of the eye and, commonly, the bulbar conjunctiva, are affected. Minor or superficial abrasions involve only the corneal epithelium. Severe injuries also involve the deeper, thicker stromal layer.

I injured my cornea and was “down” for about 5 days, first with pain in my eye and 2nd with fear for not being able to see clearly with my eye. On Saturday March 4, 2006. I was mowing my lawn as usual wearing safety goggles, gloves and all that, I was about to be done with that and washing the cars, when I saw this area I probably missed in my lawn, and decided to just get my lawn mower there for a final touch. By then, I was no longer wearing my goggles, when bang a stone hit my right eye at a very high speed, lawn mower might have catch it somehow. I scratched 30% of my cornea.
Thanks God, I did not suffer any eye internal damage and had to go twice to the Opthalmologist to check it out.

Now, I appreciate life more than before, even though it was a minor injury (as opposed to a missing limb or cancer). I came to the conclusion that God has given a gift, a gift with many other gifts put all together, every single day we have this gift. Our sight, our understanding, our hands, and so many others.

It’s amazing how a cornea heals and your eyes go back to “normal” within a couple of days. As an engineer, I see this event as remarkable. How could a material organic thing could we so well engineered to protect your eye from light, and store generic information to regenerate itself? It was just great to gradually see again my home, my neighborhood, my family, my work place, so many other things we just take, often, for granted.

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