China’s wealth and reserves of 800 Billion dollars.

Why can’t we raise interest rates?
China has invested billions of dollars in T-bills, this article (in spanish) shows that 800 000 million dollars are now China’s reservers, compared to 4 Billion back in 1989.

Interest rater are therefore stable and Real Estate investments may continue in the long run.

Back in the 19th centuries, Great Britain new hoe wo tkeep a big superavit w/ China (partly, thanks to Opium and controlling China’s goverment), now I don’t think the US has provided a strategy to do so.

Rule of thumb, 2042 China will become the 1st or 2nd innovator in the World, R&D publications show a great growth in this sector, and by 2050-2060, China will be a superpower…. Amazing!

Here the article for you to read:
Honduras- Diario El Heraldo

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