Noticias del Terruno – News from Honduras ;-)

There are a lot of things changing in Honduras,
Mel Zelaya is the new president of Honduras, and together with Noe Pino (which you may find pictured at his wedding anniversary link). Things might change in Honduras, Hugo Noe was the Honduran Ambassador during Reina’s administration…. Good luck to Mel & his team. link

Infrastructure and Market Development
Tegucigalpa/Roads: “Anillo Periferico” Link
Airport: Link: I have serious doubts the dates will be met, but will, we have to keep our fingers crossed, as you could see thing move VERY VERY SLOWLY
Tourism: Tela Bay Project Link
Commerce: several shopping centers (Malls) are opening or will open in the next 6-12 months (Read article.)

For instance, recently open:
City Mall (Link located in San Pedro Sula random picture

Mall Cascadas Miramontes (Tegucigalpa – 2006) Link Santos y Cia, Grupo Paiz, and others. Investment $30 million, 60 000 sq meters, neard Colonia Miramontes, Blvd FFAA and Blvd Kuwait.
MetroPlaza (Progreso – 2006?)
MetroMall (Tegucigalpa – 2006 ) Grupo Roble News as well as Revista Summa . Grupo Roble: This mall is located near the Toncontin Intl Airport and will host 8 movie theaters, a supermarket ( article , and about 120 stores, with Diunsa as anchor (Link.

Also the already exisiting, Multiplaza in Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula.

more details (turn off your speakers) …. link

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