Organization of American States (OAS) Summit

The OEA (Organizacion de Estados Americanos) or OAS has a summit this week in Ft. Lauderdale. Many US-Latin American issues will be discussed. Democracy, ousted presidents (Ecuador, Bolivia), widespread violeance in Haiti, Poverty, Free trade. In fact, President Bush will be at the meeting supporting CAFTA (Cental American Free Trade Agreement).

An MSBNC link Link. Some people is planning to protest look this.

Personally. I want barriers made to many products to be lifted, but I don’t want any artificial subsidising or price dumping done by mega corporations. Small business need to take this as an opportunity not a threat and see how to take advantage of the new regulatory regime for trade. Unfortunatly, the treaty says very little on how societies will get benefited directed with globalization. It’s assumed that Globalization will fix things thru new markets and new competitors. This was the assumption we had in 1988 when the new doctrine called, neoliberalism, started in S.America. What we see today is a mixture of failures, an explosion of poverty, and some successful stories. Globalization must value human resources and not abuse of it, creating modern or 21st century slaves.

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